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Miele MicroSet Accessory Package

This set of four attachments is especially designed for cleaning delicate items and collectibles throughout your house.

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Miele MicroSet Accessory Package

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This set of four attachments is especially designed for cleaning delicate items and collectibles throughout your house. Based around the Micro Hose with its combination crevice tooll/dusting brush, this set extends its use by including an Extension Crevice Tool, Extension Dusting Brush and Angled Crevice Nozzle.

Standard Features

A Collection Of Micro-Accessories And Nozzles Designed To Help You Easily Clean Delicate Items, Collectibles, Intricate Woodwork, Computers And Even Stereo Equipment And Comes In A Handy Carrying Case.

Included Accessories and Floor Tools

Keep your appliances clean with the Micro Set Accessory Package. The set includes a Micro Hose with a combination Crevice Nozzle/Dusting Brush, an Extension Crevice Nozzle, an Angled Crevice Nozzle and an Extension Dusting Brush. Great way to clean keyboards with no hassle.

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