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LauraSTAR Magic i-S6 Ironing System

LauraSTAR Irons

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The Swiss company LAURASTAR invented the system of professional ironing for private use in 1986. Since then, almost 2 million users in over 40 countries worldwide have enjoyed quality ironing on a daily basis. Two decades later, LAURASTAR has become the benchmark for innovative, high-quality ironing systems. LAURASTAR views this position of world leader as a responsibility which you, the consumer of our appliances, confer on us.
Every day, the LAURASTAR engineers, designers and employees work towards improving products and services so that we live up to our promise of making life easier for you in your everyday tasks, thus leaving you more time to spend with your family and friends or for your leisure pursuits.

Ironing Excellence

Laurastar is the pioneer and world leader in professional ironing systems for home use. Its all-in-one systems consist of an exclusive Laurastar active board,  equipped with a blower and vacuum system to prevent unwanted creases, an integrated steam generator and a professional iron - another Laurastar exclusive feature. From now on, perfect results are accessible to everyone who loves beautiful clothes and wants them to stay beautiful.




  • NEW – The first lightweight professional iron that is more comfortable and less tiring to use.
  • NEW – Intelligent, intuitive function of the automatic steam for effortless ironing twice as fast.
  • Double volume of extra fine steam, for a lasting result leaving no damp traces.
  • Automatic, silent blower and vacuum from the 2-speed board for cold, crease-free ironing.
  • A constant pressure of 3.5 bars produces 200 litres of steam volume per minute – the result is professional ironing quality.
  • Iron safety storage box, to keep the still warm iron well protected.
  • Foldable board with six height-adjustment settings, for all ironing requirements.
  • Scale filter – ordinary water can be used and the iron’s service life is extended.
  • Removable 1.2-litre reservoir – uninterrupted ironing without waiting.
  • Super fast heating time in three minutes for immediate use.
  • Easy-to-move system thanks to its two pairs of integrated wheels and its reduced size of 20 cm when stored.





Professional iron automatic steam
Steam pressure 3,5 bar (double volume)
Steam droplets extra fine
Blower/vacuum silent, automatic
Power, fan 16 VA, 2 speeds
Ironing time unlimited
Heating time fast, 3 minutes
Water tank capacity removable, 1,2 l
Electric cable automatic rewind, 2,5 m
Mobility 2 pairs of integrated wheels
Ironing board height 6 positions, 82-102 cm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 137 x 42 x 20 cm
Power appliance 2200 W
Total weight 19 kg


Accessories included

2 ORIGAMICOVER quality covers

AQUA S-LINE integrated filter

3 AQUA REFILL refills


COOLMAT insulating mat

POLYFER abrasive mat

RINS-ME drain tray

HOLDER S-LINE cable holder


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