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Stadler Form Hydra Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers

Stadler Form Hydra Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers

$ 119.99

Don't let colds, sinus congestion and other uncomfortable symptoms caused by dry indoor air get the best of you! This unique humidifier features a contemporary design and all the features needed to provide suitable moisture for smaller areas up to 440 square feet. Balancing a comfortable and healthy humidity level is no longer a complicated task since the Stadler Form EMS-171 Hydra includes a manual hygrostat to control the desired level of moisture. Similar to our larger ultrasonic humidifiers, the Hydra is equipped with a patented Ionic Silver Cube to inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria in the tank and an anti-calcium cartridge to help reduce white dust. These two components along with its ultrasonic technology, which destroys most bacteria and viruses, create only safe, healthy and comforting moisture for the home. Overall, we find the Hydra humidifier as an affordable choice due to its simplistic, stylish design and commanding performance. 

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Stadler Form Hydra Humidifiers are ideal for someone who...
  • Suffers from allergies, asthma or sinus pressure and would like a virtually silent cool mist ultrasonic humidifier for smaller areas up to 440 square feet.
  • Wants a humidifier equipped with all of the water quality protection features needed for an ultrasonic humidifier, including an anti-calcium cartridge and Ionic Silver Cube.
  • Would like a compact, stylish and effective cool mist humidifier that fits well into any room.

Features of Stadler Form Hydra Humidifiers

  • Provides soothing cool mist
  • Manual adjustable humidistat
  • Ionic Silver Cube controls microbial growth
  • Anti-calcium cartridge removes calcification and reduces white dust
  • Variable mist output levels
  • 360° rotating mist outlet
  • Auto shut-off with empty tank indicator
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Low energy consumption
  • Modern transparent design
  • Includes water hardness test strip

Care of:
The anti-calcium cartridge should be replaced every 2 – 4 months depending on the hardness of the water. It is recommended to replace the Ionic Silver Cube once a year or at the beginning of every humidifying season.

Craftsmanship of:
Designed in Switzerland, made in China

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