Upright Vacuum: Sebo Dart Arctic white/Dark blue - 9855AM

Sebo Vacuums

  • $ 54900

Offering all the versatility of a canister vacuum in the form of an upright. Use the powerhead for deep cleaning on carpets or turn the brush roller on delicate surfaces like rugs. Optional Kombi Tool for cleaning hardwood floors or area rugs.

5 1/2" profile for cleaning under furniture and tables. 

Warning light alerts if the height is set too high or the brush is worn.

  • Twelve-inch Power Head Width
  • Included: ET-1 Power Head, Crevice Nozzle, and Dusting Brush
  • Instant-use Suction Hose
  • A flat-to-the-floor 6-inch Profile
  • Four-level Manual Brush Height Adjustment
  • Brush Obstruction Light with Automatic Brush Shut Off
  • Incorrect Height Setting or Worn Brush Light
  • Easy Brush Removal & Cleaning
  • Manual and Automatic Brush Shut Off
  • Full Bag or Clog Indicator
  • Detachable Suction Unit Creates a Hand-held Portable Vacuum
  • Innovative Exhaust Filter . . . Design and Functionality
  • Hospital-grade Filtration for Allergy and Asthma Relief
  • Excellent Pet Vacuum . . . Highly Effective Pet Hair Removal
  • Seven-years Motor, Five-year Non-wear Parts Warranty

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